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Fully adjustable full-body fall arrest harness intended for rope courses and adventure parks


General instructions of use

Universal instructions of use PPE

Technical parameters

  • Front attachment point for belaying and rappeling according to EN 12277 type C
  • Waist belt and the leg loops without the padding enables to put the harness to every person
  • Rear steel D-ring with a bearing capacity of 15 kN according EN 361
  • Waist belt, shoulder straps and the leg loops are easily adjustable with easy-lock buckles
  • Red webbing strap stitched into the buckles simplify handling with them
  • All steel components are finished with E-coating technology for higher corrosion resistance
  • Left leg loop with red color helps to put the harness on
  • Waist belt webbing is in red as well for easier orientation in the harness
  • Dorsal plastic plate with different color according the size of the harness (S – yellow, UNI – red)
  • Construction ensures long-time operation and efficiency (easy releasing and fastening even when dirty and tough webbing)

Color black/red
Weight 1050 g [UNI size] (±15 g) • 37 (± 0.5 oz)
Size S (110 – 150 cm), UNI (150 – 200 cm)

EN 12277
EN 361
ce  1019