Singing Rock Ropedancer II

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Fully adjustable full-body harness with various attachment points intended for rope courses and adventure parks.

Instructions of Use

Universal Instructions of use PPE

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Technical Parameters

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  • easy to put on and off, easy to adjust, thanks to 5 double buckles and 1 SPEED buckle
  • color front lower attachment point for rappelling and belaying
  • waist belt in different (black) color for better orientation when putting on the harness
  • front and rear attachment points
  • 2 gear loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg
  • max. rated load of the harness 150 kg
  • different color of the rear triangle for each size
  • can be equipped with HARNESS PADDING

Weight:  1195 g [S/M/L] (± 15 g) • 42.2 oz (± 0.5 oz)

Size:  XS, S/M/L, XL/XXL

Max. rated load:  150kg


EN 12277uiaace1019