Singing Rock Pulley Sling 40cm

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Prusik sling with stitched PULLEY SMALL for creating an anchor point.

Catalogue Sheet

Instructions of Use

Universal instructions of use PPE


  • sling with the pulley is suitable to use as a textile blocking device for wide use mainly at the tree care and rescue operations
  • spare part for BARK PULLEY SAVER
  • suitable for TREE ANCHOR
  • strength stitching is covered with a plastic cover for higher abrasion resistance, a textile cover prolongs the lifetime of the rope
  • suitable also for other work at height as an anchor point

Color:  Yellow or Black
Weight:  160g
Material:  PES/Technora, light alloy
Strength:  18kN
Working load:  max. 1 person
Length:  40cm
Diameter:  10mm

ce1019         EN 795B