GSI Folding Foon

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ultimate compact, folding utensil
This amazing little utensil's clever folding form uces the Foon's footprint from 6.1 in use, to less than 3.7 for storage in a shirt pocket, the corner of a cookset, under a fuel cartridge or in some other, little, unused nook. We know how precious every last ounce can be, and at a miniscule 0.6 oz., there's no excuse not to carry it everywhere.


  • Functions as both a fork and spoon
  • Clever folding design compacts to just 3.7" long, but extends and locks to become a 6.1" utensil
  • Fits neatly under a fuel canister
  • Color-coded to coordinate with other nFORM Ultralight and Crossover items
  • Rugged acetal bowl and stainless steel handle

    Product Specifications

    Weight (lbs) 0.0400
    Material Acetal, Stainless Steel
    Major Dimension 6.1 inch (collapses to 3.7 inch)
    Includes Spork Head, Folding Wire Handle
    Dimensions 3.7 in x 1.7 in x 0.6
    Product Use Ultralight Backpacking