Scallywags Swank Board + Free Boo Boo Butter

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Scallywags Swank Board

It is a portable light weight training/warm up device.⁣

Whats included? Good question.⁣

✅ Swank Board and Accessory cord⁣
✅ Neat bag for the board⁣
✅ Inserts, 2 x 3mm & 2mm⁣
✅ Our worm up routine⁣
✅ How to use⁣
✅ Stickers

The first 5 boards gets a free 28ml Boo Boo Butter. A multipurpose skin care cream that can be used to sooth burns, cuts , scrapes & an array of boo boos that need deep moisturising and nourishing.⁣
100% All natural.⁣

Locally made. Proudly South African.⁣

Join us with out #20mmchallenge. One arm lock off on the back 20mm edge. Share your best effort💪 ⁣