Beal Rando 8mm x 30m

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At just 37 grams per metre, it takes up little room, but it takes the impact ! On snowfields and steep passages, during mountain walking or skiing, its properties ensure your security.


  Declaration of Conformity

  Certification UIAA

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Easy snow routes, glacier travel, ski-touring. A snow route is called easy if it has no difficult passages such as the crossing of a bergschrund, requiring a belay.

  • Available in 20 and 30 m lengths, also 48 m, with markings each 12 metres to assist tieing-in.
  • Used singly, climbing & mountaineering forbidden.


  • High level walking and glacier crossing.
  • Diameter:  8mm
  • Rope Type:   Single
  • Impact Force (kN): 4.2
  • Weight per meter:  40g
  • Total Weight: (30m) 1.2kg
  • No of Falls (UIAA Laboratory):  5
  • Dynamic Elongation/Sheath:  37%