Beal Ice Line 8.1mm Golden Dry

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Already considered to be the must-have rope for ice climbers and expert alpinists alike for its extreme fluidity and very low impact force, ICE LINE is henceforward available with the new UNICORE technology. Thanks to adherence of the core and sheath, ICE LINE benefits from extra security – indispensable on thin rope.


  Declaration of Conformity

  Certification UIAA

  Additional Info

  • The weight and free-running of twin rope plus the advantages of a double rope.
  • Ultra low impact force.
  • The rope doesnt bunch and stays flexible for the long term.
  • Has all the advantages of the UNICORE technology.
  • Ice climbers and expert climbers.
  • Diameter:  8.3mm
  • Rope Type:   Half
  • Impact Force (kN): 5.3
  • Weight per meter:  47g
  • Total Weight: (60m) 2.82kg
  • No of Falls (UIAA Laboratory):  13
  • Dynamic Elongation/Sheath:  39%


Available in 60m Lengths