Back Country Cuisine Ration Pack Vegetarian

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Back Country Ration Pack - Vegetatian

Do you agonise over food preparation? Do you wish someone could package all your food up for you into a convenient little bundle? Well, you needn’t look any further with the Back Vegetarian Ration Pack. Back Country have managed to get their freeze-drying process down to an art, so you can eat meals that are flavoursome, preservative free and provide the perfect amount of energy for vigorous outdoor activities. 

With a monster amount of options inside – you won’t need to bring any other food. Back Country have also got you covered for your bevvies so you can enjoy a tea or coffee break mid-hike if it tickles your fancy.

This kit will provide you with enough energy for an action-packed day of adventure – no matter what you’re doing. All you have to do is reconstitute the food with cold or hot water, wait 10 minutes, and you’ve got a ready to eat meal!

The Vegetarian Ration Pack contains individual single serves of:

  • Wheat Flakes and Fruit Salad
  • Nasi Goreng
  • Pasta Vegetariano
  • Chocolate Pebbles
  • Trail Mix
  • Jelly Beans
  • Oatie Biscuits
  • Orange Drink Sachet
  • Chocolate Drink
  • Coffee
  • Tea 
  • Sugar
  • Creamer
  • Salt
  • Pepper
In Use Dimensions:
25L x 19W x 10H cm
Packed Dimensions:
25L x 19W x 10H cm
Meal Type:
Ration Pack
0.86 Kg