Back Country Cuisine Pasta Vegetariano

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Back Country Cuisine Pasta Vegetariano - 1, 2 or 5 Serve
Pasta Vegetariano - Pasta, beans, tomatoes and olives in a tasty Italian sauce.

High in protein, iron and zinc, this meal will be a welcome sight for hungry adventurers on arrival at your destination.

Freeze dried technology creates a very lightweight meal to take on hiking, camping or fishing trips into the back country!

Back Country Cuisine is easy to prepare and great tasting because of the features of their Freeze Dri process. This combines quick-to-hydrate, freeze-dried vegetables and meats with sauce mixes that have been processed to retain their natural flavours. The result is delicious meals that can be prepared in the pack in 10 minutes with the addition of boiling water.

Back Country Cuisine meals are formulated to meet the high energy needs of outdoor activity. There is a careful balance of carbohydrates and sugars for instant energy, protein to replenish exhausted muscles and oils and fat to provide an energy store (oils and fats are kept within the recommended maximum of 30% of total energy) 

Freeze drying retains the natural vitamins in the food because of the low temperatures used in processing. Along with naturally occuring minerals and the addition of salt, the meals provide vitamins and minerals necessary to stay healthy. 

These meals are absolutely delicious and incredibly popular.