July 04, 2019 1 min read

In episode 2 of The BD Beta, Athlete Claire Buhrfeind and Esther Smith, DPT of Grassroots Physical Therapy, combine forces to design a simple and efficient climbing warm-up that does not require you to lie in the dirt, do awkward movements that draw attention (wink!) or require cumbersome equipment. Hence, the warm-up that doesn't suck!
Video: Kipp Schorr; Images: Andy Earl
We all know that warming up is important, but we tend to get excited to jump on the wall and often forget that we enhance our performance and prevent injuries by activating muscles and opening our bodies. This kit of selected exercises tours the whole body and takes inventory of stiff or tight areas, addressing them with breath and gentle, skilled movement. Give yourself a few minutes to center your mind, calm your nervous system and find your flow.